About Us

Welcome to Grand County, a place where many homeschoolers call home!

East Grand County
The Granby area features an active homeschooling co-op led by Paige Chavoustie.  Once a year during the summer, interested families meet to organize and plan the upcoming year.  The school year typically focuses on one topic of study per month, and each's month's activities are led by a parent volunteer.  Wednesdays are the co-op's meeting day.  The group stays in communication using the East Grand County Homeschoolers emailing list.  If you are a Grand County homeschooler wishing to subscribe to this email, please contact Paige Chavoustie at the following email address: elizabethpaige4him@gmail.com.

West Grand County
Although the Kremmling area does not have an organized co-op, homeschooling families support one another in a variety of ways.  Many families are members of the Homesteaders 4-H Club, which is led by Marcy Wheatley (mmonnahan@yahoo.com).  Shelly Mathis facilitates TLC Nights, which are monthly gatherings for all homeschooling parents.  The familiar acronym (TLC) represents the double purpose for the meetings, for we Teach--Learn--Connect with one another, as well as provide each other with the encouragement and support we need along our homeschooling journey.  Additionally, homeschooling families often organize joint field trips, and some students participate in West Grand's extra-curricular sports.  Finally, Mountain Valley Christian Academy -- led by Denise Pulliam -- invites homeschooling families to participate in their music and drama productions.  If you are a homeschooler wishing to subscribe to the West Grand County Homeschooler or TLC email lists, please contact Shelly Mathis at the following email address: shelly.mathis@gmail.com.